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What makes a good balloon decoration!

With up to 8 years of experience under our belt, we understand what it takes to have an awesome looking balloon decoration that will definitely wow your clients.
For an awesome balloon decoration you’ll need:
1. Single point of focus
Having a single point of focus is one of the most important factor for all balloons decoration because a good balloon decoration is the same as having your birthday party. If there’s two birthday boy/girl, compared to just one, the attention for the birthday boy/girl would be diverted. Thus, having a single point of focus for balloons decoration is one of the most important factor!
2. Color contrast
Color contrast is the second most important in all balloon decoration as a good color contrast for balloon decoration is like choosing the right outfit for yourself. Having the right color will complement each other other and can make it interesting and pleasing to the eyes.
3. High quality balloons
Imagine halfway through your party and your guest out of curiosity decided to touch and interact with the balloons decoration and it pops and hurt them.
Having high quality balloons for balloon decoration would not only reduce the chances of the balloons poping, it has also better color retention and reproduction. It will also oxidise at a slower rate.
4. Arrangement of balloons
The placement of the balloons is equally important for balloon decoration as having a well placed balloons decoration is like wearing your shoe on your feet and belt on your waist and not the other way around.
A good placement will also link directly to point number 1, where will help you create a single point of focus so it will complement each other instead of splitting it’s attention away.
5. Design
A good and clear balloon decoration design is a direct representation of yourself, a very refined way of communicating information about you. Having a good theme will also help shape the design choice of your decoration.
With these 5 points in mind, we believe that it’s no hassle to create an awesome event with balloons! It will not only wow your guest, it will also be a very memorable one as balloons decoration for events are not very common for most event spaces.
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Sumo Lady Balloons was founded by a group of event enthusiasts in Singapore with the aim of revolutionizing the industry by providing a one-stop solution for all your balloon decoration and balloon sculpting needs. Our team comprises members with specializations in various fields across the balloon industries, specialising in different field and techniques for balloon sculpting and balloon decoration needs.

We take pride and find great joy in planning planning, sculpting and creating customised balloons

Equipped with trade-related expertise, know-how and wide networks of industry partners, you can rest assured that we provide reliable planning and out-of-the-box creative solutions which accommodate your specific needs and constraints. We will help you wow your guests and transform their expectations for your next event!


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